2018 FPCNC Christmas Pageant Sign-Up

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It’s time again to get ready for this year's Christmas pageant!  Please let us know how you and your child will participate below— thanks so much!  

Please note:  The pageant is open to all— no experience is necessary, and children do not need to have participated in any FPC programs in order to be part of the pageant.

Young children (ages 1-4) DO NOT need to come to rehearsal until Dec. 16

Infants (1 year and under) DO NOT need to come until the dress rehearsal, Dec. 23
We will do our best to assign parts as requested; know that being present at rehearsals is the best way to ensure one gets a part with which one is comfortable.  Also, please be aware that children in grades 4 and above will be given priority for most "major" parts.

Pageant Rehearsal Dates:

1.  Sunday, December 2, 11:30-12:30pm — All ages meet in Sanctuary 

2.  Sunday, December 9, 11:30-12:30pm — All ages meet in Sanctuary

3.  Sunday, December 16, 11:30-1:00pm — All ages meet in Sanctuary

Note: This rehearsal is 30min longer.  This is likely a costume fitting rehearsal, so if you want to make sure: A. Your child has a costume, and B. It fits, please make sure to attend this rehearsal.

4.  Sunday, December 23, 11:30-1:30pm — MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal — All ages meet in Sanctuary

5. MONDAY, December 24, EVERYONE — Call at 4pm, Christmas Eve Service at 5pm.


Chris Tate, Pageant Director

Rev. Kibbie Laird, Associate Minister

Participant Info

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Parent Help

It's often useful to have parents available to help with managing children during rehearsals, and particularly during the dress rehearsal and the pageant itself.  Please select any days for which you might be able to assist (often, it will just mean being present in the Sanctuary for the "regualr" rehearsals— we wil especially need help with costumes and "managing" kids on Christmas Eve, so if you are able to help in those days, we'd really appreciate it!)
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